Exceptional teas like matcha, green tea, oolong and pu-erh

Sourced around the world from selected tea farms

Tea collection

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Green tea

Refreshing and vitalizing

Deep green to bright yellow

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Bright yellow to dark brown color

Flowery to Fruity taste

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Treasures from Yunnan

Teas with a complex long-lasting taste


Teas from the very First Flush


  • Mingqian Longqing
    Mingjian Longjing
    25 CHF

    plus Shipping Costs

  • Mansa-Huang-Pian
    Mansa Gushu Spring 2016 Huang Pian
    35 CHF

    plus Shipping Costs

  • Hoshino Sencha Zairai
    Dento Hon Gyokuro Fujimidori
    30 CHF

    plus Shipping Costs

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