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7-Leave Jiaogulan Tea

7-Leave Jiaogulan Tea

"Gynostemma heptaphyllum" is better known as Jiaogulan and also well known as "ginseng of the south" because it's like ginseng rich in antioxidants and saponins. It's also known under the name "herb of immortality" because the people of the Guizhou province in China, where this tea is consumed, are living exceptionally long.

This Jiaogulan tea is also from China but differs from our other Jiaogulan tea by it's leave count. While other Jiaogulan teas have five leave got this subspecies seven leaves.

Harvest: 2017 
Taste: Sweet and free of tartness.
Origin: China.
Preparation: Two spoons per tea pot (appx. 2g), temperatur 95°C,  time 1-2 min.
Tipp: Although free from caffeine Jiaogulan is invigorating and is best consumed in the morning.


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