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Dobashien Wabi Sabi

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Imperial grade matcha

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Wabi sabi is an aesthetic sense in Japanese art emphasizing quiet simplicity and subdued refinement, and is often used to appreciate the nature of tea ceremony.

This pinnacle of matcha tea powder, Wabi Sabi, comes in a sealed foil bag inside a storage can with Japanese washi paper, and wrapped in a gold-colored gift box.
The production of matcha begins always with tea leaves. After shaded for up to 4 weeks the leaves intended for matcha are steamed and dried without rolling. After removing leaf stems and veins, the result is called Tencha. Does leaves are then grounded in stone mills to a fine matcha green tea powder.
Matcha is served at a traditional tea ceremony called Chado. There are two main ways of preparing matcha at tea ceremony. One is Usucha (thin tea), the other is Koicha (thick tea). Thin tea is served to each guest in an individual bowl, while one bowl of thick tea is shared among several guests. This style of sharing a bowl of koicha first appeared in historical documents in 1586, and is a method considered to have been invented by the Chado master, Sen no Riky?.
Harvest: 2017
Taste: Fresh with a lot umami aroma.
Origin: Kyoto, Japan.
Cultivar Blend of Kyoto grown tea leaves
Preparation: Two bamboo spoons per matcha bowl (appx. 2g), temperatur 70 – 80°C.
Tip: Press out the entire air once the packing is opened in order to minimize oxidation of the tea. Keep refrigiated.

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