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Dong Ding

Dong Ding OolongDong Ding
Dong Ding is a classic and rightly famous Taiwanese Oolong tea. This Dong Dingis a good example of flavors that a highland tea (Gao Shan Cha) can develop. Delicate floral scents, honey notes and subtle roasted aromas delight the palate and linger in the mouth and cup long after the last sip.

Like other famous teas, Dong Ding is often and often imitated. Dong Ding is a limited mountain area with limited tea production. Because of its special aroma, Dong Ding style tea is produced in many other tea growing areas. But, even if the cultivar, the style and sometimes even the tea master are the same as on the Dong Ding, its quality and aroma is never achieved.

Harvest: Spring 2014
Taste: Flowery, light toasted and delicate honey flavor.
Oxidation: appx. 40%
Roasting: medium
Origin: Dong Ding, Lugu Xiang, Nantou, Taiwan.
Preparation: Per serving 5g, temperature 95°C, time 15s. Rinse leaves gently with hot water before infusing.

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