This time I had the opportunity to taste a very special oolong. It’s a Po Tou Xiang dan cong from Feng Huang. The tea sample was kindly provided by Phoebe Lin and derived from the tea farm of her family in Feng Huang. This oolong is heavily oxidized and twisted in contrast to Taiwanese oolong which are mostly only light oxidized and rolled into beads. The tea reveals only on closer inspection that the tea leaves are not only black or brown but have many different shades of color. Since these tones are difficult to see on normal photos I shot a series of HDR images of the leaves.

Setup für die Po Tou Xiang verkostung
Setup for Po Tou Xiang tasting
Gaiwan und zwei Yixing Kannen
Gaiwan or yixing teapot?

For this special tea I have considered for some time how to infuse it. The proven Gaiwan or rather a Yixing teapot? I decided to infuse this Dan Cong in a Yixing teapot. I should not regret my decision as the tea already revealed his potential at the first infusion.

Aufguss eines Po Tou Xiang Dan Cong
Liquor of Po Tou Xiang

From the beginning the tea pleased by its fruity aromas. But, like other oolong this dancong also revealed his whole potency only upon the second infusion. The flavors remained for several infusions and the orange-yellow color of the liquor remained the same throughout. I didn’t count the numbers of infusions but there were a few more than I did with other oolong teas. I sought the ginger flower fragrance which I suspected because of the teas name, Po Tou Xiang translates as ginger flower fragrance, but couldn’t find any. It’s alright with me!

Po Tou Xiang Teeblätter
Po Tou Xiang tea leaves

The infused tea leaves confirm that this is a dan cong of highest grade. The leaves are largely undamaged what indicate that they where hand picked. Only one or two leaves were taken and therefore are only a few twigs contained. The leaves are small and soft, a indicator of an early harvest where the leaves are not fully grown.

HDR Bild Po Tou Xiang
picture of Po Tou Xiang

Finally, the promised HDR image of the Po Tou Xiang tea leaves. In the enlarged view one can see that not only black and brown but also red, yellow, purple and many other colors cover the tea leaf. Overall, this is a top class dan cong but it also quiet pricey.  Due to the high yield the price relativizes a bit but nevertheless it might be difficult to find buyer. We are currently evaluating whether we should take this tea in our assortment or not. The retail price would be approximately 27.– Swiss francs for 50g. Interested parties are welcome to register by mail and may so influence our opinion. 

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