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First Harvest Wuyi Wulong

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Wuyi cultivar from Mingjian, vintage 2013, very first harvest, traditionally processed in Dongding style


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In Taiwan, the name Wuyi designates a specific cultivar and initially has nothing to do with the tea-growing region of Wuyishan in China. It has been cultivated in Taiwan for a very long time, so its traces are lost somewhere in the past. Nevertheless, it is very likely that tea plants from Wuyishan came to Taiwan in the 19th or 18th century, were cultivated there and were then given the name Wuyi Kultivar. The Wuyi cultivar is also more strongly oxidized and more strongly roasted, following the tradition of Wuyishan. In the Muzha region, it is often processed in traditional Tieguanyin style and twisted in Pinglin, more in the Wuyishan tradition.

This Wuyi Wulong comes from Mingjian and was traditionally processed in the Dongding style. The tea comes from a newly planted tea garden and was the very first harvest of it. Usually the first harvest can be made around the 3rd year after planting. In terms of taste and yield, the tea plantations usually reach their peak from the 5th year onwards. Therefore this Wuyi is rather delicate and subtle in its character. This is also expressed in the slightly lighter oxidation compared to the Wuyi 2014, so as not to suppress the delicate characteristics of the tea. The tea is especially characterized by its soft and silky mouthfeel. Between the lines, however, you can clearly taste the typical character of the Wuyi cultivar. For tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts this is a rare opportunity to taste a tea from the first harvest of a tea garden and compare it with Wuyi 2014 from the same tea garden.

As a passionate tea drinker, the constant reduction to fewer and fewer cultivars in tea cultivation is perceived as a great loss of diversity. This is because no other processing method among all teas can offer such a wide range of flavors and characteristics as Wulong teas. The Wuyi cultivar shows a small, for most people quite unknown, section of the rich world of Wulong teas from Taiwan.

Due to the traditional processing it can be stored without any loss of aroma. With increasing age, the aroma changes and develops its very own charm.

Harvest date: Spring 2013
Aroma: delicately spicy with slightly fruity and floral notes, very silky mouthfeel
Oxidation: approx. 40%
Roasting: light
Origin: Mingjian, Nantou, Taiwan
Temperature: 100°C
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Oolong tea in an optimal way.
Tip: The aroma in the mouth unfolds best when the tea is not drunk too hot. Waite until it has cooled down a little bit in the cup.
This tea is especially suitable for infusion in a large cup or a larger pot as it does not become bitter and it is very high-yielding. The infusion does not need to be poured off, simply let the tea leaves sink to the bottom.

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