Gongfu Set Heron

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Consisting of a drinking cup and a smelling cup

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Gongfu Cha has a long tradition of Chinese tea culture. It is practiced primarily in Taiwan and southern China, especially in the provinces of Guangdong and Fujian. Although the processes and techniques used vary greatly depending on the region they all have something in common: the use of teacups with matching scent cups. Due to the large surface of the scent cup the subtle nuances of the tea can optimally unfold and be perceived.

This gongfu cups have a volume of 40ml and are ideal for use in combination with a small Yixing teapot or a small gaiwan. Are these white ceramic cups decorated with a heron standing next to a pine tree. Both are special symbols in Chinese culture: The heron is a symbol for the right path and during the Qing dynasty it was also a symbol for the 6th rank civilian officials. The pine symbolizes longevity of paired with resistance and self-discipline.


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