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Huang Guan Yin 2018

Picture of Huang Guan Yin Wuyi OolongHuang Guan Yin
Huang Guan Yin is an exceptional rock teas. The name derives from his parents Huang Jin Gui and Tie Guan Yin and describes with this name perfectly the character of the teas. Huang Guan Yin can be infused several times like all high-quality rock tea.
The almost inaccessible tea growing area makes industrial production virtually impossible and so this tea is still harvested by hand. The manufacturer also produces out of conviction purely biological. This is also promoted by the government since Wuyi Shan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it should remain like this. The Wuyi mountain range stretches at an altitude between 200 and up to 2058m and have a mild climate with an average temperature of 21°C.
Production in Wuyi has a thousand years of tradition and the historical knowledge about the art of tea is passed down from generation to generation. This relatively new tea cultivar is grown between the rocks of  Wuyi Mountains and thanks centuries old knowledge processed into a Oolong of it's own class. Rock teas are produced very traditionally: The tea is dried and withered in baboo trays and finally roasted over charcoal fire in bamboo baskets.

Through stronger roasting (compared with Taiwanese Oolong) is this Wuyi Yan Cha durable and especially suitable for connoisseurs who prefer to store and mature special teas.

Harvest: May 2018
Taste: Mineral with a flowery scent.
Oxidation: appx. 45%
Roasting: light-medium
Origin: Lotus Peak, Wuyi, China.
Preparation: Per serving 5g, temperature 95°C, time 15s. Rinse leaves gently with hot water before infusing.



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