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Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Jasmine scented teaJasmine Dragon Pearls

Jasmine Dragon Pearls are a unique specialty tea from Fuzhou in Fujian Province. Green tea is hand rolled into beads and scented with jasmine. The beads are totally up to seven times blended with fresh jasmine to scenten the tea deeply. This process is very expensive but it's worth. Compared to cheap, steamed  jasmine tea the fragrant of Jasmine Dragon Pearls is long lasting and subtile. Also, the tea can be infused several times and retains its pleasing fragrance to the end.

Harvest: 2018 
Taste: Flowery jasmine aroma.
Origin: Yunnan province in China.
Preparation: Per tea pot 2g of tea, infusing temperature appx. 75°C for 2-3 minutes.
Tip: A gaiwan is optimal for a proper infusing.

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