Kagoshima Organic Matcha

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Explosive like a vulcano


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A blend of different, organically grown cultivars was used for this organic Matcha. These were grown on nutrient-rich tea fields in the backcountry of Kirishima. The good soil is due to the Kirishima volcano, which fertilises the soil with its regular eruptions. The volcanic eruptions are a curse and a blessing at the same time, because on the one hand they provide minerals in the soil, but on the other hand they also cover the tea leaves with ash. If this happens shortly before harvesting, they would have to be washed, which would have a negative effect on the quality. Such tea leaves would then not be processed into a top Matcha.

To produce this Matcha, the tea leaves were shaded for three weeks before harvesting and processed into Tencha in the brand new Matcha factory and then finely ground. The finished Matcha is then packaged under exclusion of oxygen and stored refrigerated.

Harvest date: 2020
Taste: Sweet and aromatic paired with lots of umami
Terroir: Kagoshima, Kirishima, Japan
Variety: Saemidori, Okumidori and Yabukita
Preparation: approx. 2g per chawan, water temperature 60 – 70°C
Tip: Squeeze air out of the bag before resealing. Keep refrigerated.

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