Matcha samidori

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Ceremonial grade Matcha Samidori in aluminum can.

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For this ceremonial grade Matcha is the extraordinary variety Saemidori used. The word Saemidori derived from Japanese and means “early green”. This is a description of the teas color and the fact that this cultivat is an early budder.

To produce Matcha Samidori the shaded tea leaves are initially processed to Tencha and then finely grounded for hours in stone mills. The finished Matcha is then packed oxygen free in a tin and stored refrigerated.

The farm of Obubu Tea Plantation is located in the municipality Wazuka of the Kyoto Prefecture and is situated at an altitude of 500m above sea level. Kyoto is known as the cente of the Japanese tea ceremony. Many famous teas like Gyokuro and  Matcha have their origin here.

Harvest: 2019
Taste: Sweet and fresh with a lot umami aroma.
Origin:Obubu Tea Plantation, Kyoto, Japan.
Cultivar Samidori
Preparation: Two bamboo spoons per matcha bowl (appx. 2g), temperatur 60 – 70°C.
Tip: Press out the entire air once the packing is opened in order to minimize oxidation of the tea. Keep refrigiated.

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