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Mengsong Shengtai 2019

Mengsong Shengtai 2019Mengsong Shengtai 2019

For this cake we used 2019 Shengtai tea leaves from Mengsong. We selected this tea together with Tea Master Panda and pressed it into Pu-erh cakes in Yang Ming's manufactory.

Who are tea master Panda and Yang Ming?

Tea master Panda and Yang Ming are good friends and experts when it comes to Pu-erh. Yang Ming is a local tea farmer of Yiwu and descendants from a family with a long tradition in Pu-erh making. Incidentally, our popular Lucky Bee teas are from Yang Ming's tea fields. Tea Master Panda is originally from Sichuan (hence the name) and came to Yunnan due his passion for Pu-erh tea. In addition to Pu-erh, he is also a master of calligraphy and has extensive knowledge of Chinese history.

Harvest: Spring 2019
Pressed: 2019
Typ: Sheng
Taste: Sweet with a light astringency.
Origin: Mengsong, Xishuangbanna, prefecture, Yunnan province, China.
Preparation: Appx. 3g per tea pot, temperatur 100°C. Rinse the tea leaves bevor infusing with boiling water.
Tip: This tea is ideal to mature a few years.

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