Mingjian Longjing

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A Mingqiang Longjing from Guangxi


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One of the most famous of Chinese green teas, and indeed of Chinese teas altogether, Longjing is a pinnacle of the refinement that has been going on for centuries in tea, and this Longjing is itself a further refinement of the varietal (often translated as Dragonwell), boasting a balanced, sweet flavour in addition to its characteristic vegetal and chestnut notes.

The earlier harvest has had its milder flavours complemented by a light roasting, bringing forth the delicious sweetness present in the small, young leaves, along with a heady floral note rarely found in Longjing. And with such an exquisite flavour, the crown-like form of the stacked leaves may let one feel the royal pleasure of this queen of green teas.

Harvest: 18.2.2021
Taste: Sweet, floral, bright
Origin: Guangxi, China
Cultivar: Wu Niu Zao
Preparation: Per tea pot approx. 3g, temperatur appx. 80°C,  time: 30 – 60s
Tip: Infuse Longjing in a Yixing tea pot

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