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Miyazaki Kabuse Sencha

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Miyazaki Kabuse Sencha

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This special Fukamushi Kabuse Sencha comes from Miyakonojo at Miyazaki . Fukamushi Sencha is characterized by a significantly longer steaming time compared to standard Sencha (Chumushi). This makes the tea milder and the tea sweetness comes more to the fore.

This Sencha is also shaded before harvesting. So it’s a Fukamushi Kabuse Sencha. This, together with the southern location of the tea growing area, leads to a particularly sweet aroma.

Harvest time: 2016
Flavor: Sweet and fruity aroma.
Origin: Miyakonojo near Miyazaki, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.
Varieties: Tea leaves from Miyazaki.
Preparation: approx. 3 g per jug, water temperature 60 – 70 ° C, Drawing time max. 1 min.
Tip: Take more tea leaves and pour them on briefly and several times. First infusion max. 60s and every other 20s because the leaves are already soaked. A Kyusu teapot is best suited.

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