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Oolong # 17 Jade Pearls First Flush

Ruan Zhi OolongJade Pearls

Oolong # 17 Jade Pearls First Flush is picked by hand and rolled. It's well known for its distinctive flavor and fragrance notes: a little bit orchid and a hint of lily of the valley. Oolong # 17 Jade Pearls First Flush is only picked in the winter. The slow growth in the winter helps to develop the complex flavors.

Harvest:  March 2018 
Taste: Sweet and honey like taste thru medium oxidation.
Oxidation: appx. 30%
Origin: Family operated farm in Doi Mae Salong, Chiang Rai province, Northern Thailand.
Preparation: One Teelamass per tea pot (appx. 3g), temperatur 95°C,  time 1-2 minutes for the first infusion and additional 10s for each further infusion. Rinse the leaves befor use gentle with hot water.
Tip: Use a small tea pot and make several infusions with the same leaves.


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