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Oolong Dong Ding

Oolong Dong Ding
Oolong Dong Ding

Oolong Dong Ding is a little stronger in flavor than the Oolong # 17 (also known as Ruan Zhi) even both are from the same plant. This is achieved by increased roasting and oxidation compared to Oolong # 17. Oolong Dong Ding has a very mild, like a flowery meadow in summer taste which remains even after repeated infusions. The fragrance unfolds slowly and is long lasting. The tea shines light yellow. Without a doubt, a magnificent tea.

Harvest: Spring 2017 
Taste: Intensive like a flowery meadow in the summer.
Oxidation: appx. 60%
Origin: Family bussines in Doi Mae Salong, Provinz Chiang Rai, Nordthailand.
Preparation: One Teelamass per tea pot (appx. 3g), temperatur 95°C,  time 1-2 minutes for the first infusion and additional 10s for each further infusion. Rinse the leaves gentle with hot water befor use.
Tip: Use a small tea pot and make several infusions with the same leaves.



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