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Organic Kabuse Sencha

Organic Kabuse Sencha
Organic Kabuse SenchaOrganic Kabuse Sencha

This organic Kabuse Sencha is cultivated by Nakai Seicha farm in Kyoto Prefecture. Nakai Seicha is a traditional, family owned tea farm and produces certified organic tea for more then 25 years.

The tea plantation of Nakai Seicha farm is located in the municipality Wazuka of Kyoto Prefecture and is situated at an altitude of 500m above sea level. Kyoto is known as the center of the Japanese tea ceremony. Many famous teas like Gyokuro and Matcha have their origin here. Kabuse Sencha is like Gyokuro or Tencha shaded for a while to intense the teas sweetness and umami. But, as shading of the tea bushes makes them susceptible to pest is organically grown Kabuse Sencha even in Japan very rare.

Harvest: March 2017
Taste: Sweet and refreshing.
Origin: Nakai Seicha farm, Wazuka, prefecture Kyoto, Japan.
Cultivar: Blend of Yabukita, Okumidori, Yamakai, Sayamakaori and Zairai.
Preparation: Appx. 3g per serving, temperature between 50 and 60°C, time: 1-2min. First infusion max. 60s and all further infusions 30s.


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