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Organic Tsuyuhikari Sencha

Picture of Tsuyuhikari SenchaOrganic Tsuyuhikari Sencha

Through our friends from Amayama Organic Life we ??met the small producer Nikawa Seicha from Ukiha in Fukuoka. Higuchi, the founding family which has been producing tea for three generations, completely committed themself to organic farming. This, after the health of the parents worsened and this was attributed to the use of pesticide. Since then the Higuchi family grows in the mountains of Ukiha a wide selection of tea cultivars purely organic. The variation of the cultivars prevents monoculture and thus an excessive spread of parasites. Also the harvest period extends notable because the different cultivars sprout at different times.

In addition to organic farming, we especially like the fact that various tea cultivars are available. Not that blends are a bd thing, especially if crafted by a experianced tea master, but we think it's quiet interesting to experience the peculiarities of the individual tea cultivars.

This tea is made of Tsuyuhikari first flush leaves.

Harvest: April 2019 
Taste: Sweet and refreshing aroma.
Origin: Ukiha, Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.
Varietal: Tsuyuhikari
Steaming: Fukamushi
Preparation: Appx. 5g per serving, temperature 75 - 80°C,  time 1 min.
Tip: Use rather a higher leaf to water ratio and infuse repetetly for short time. First infusion max. 60s and all futher infusions only 30s as the leaves are already soaked. Use a Kyusu tea pot.

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