Osmanthus fragrance

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This tea flower smells wonderfully of osmanthus

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This tea flower smells deliciously of osmanthus. This flower is used in China beside jasmine for scenting teas. Numerous desserts in China are also scented with osmanthus.

Each tea flower is individually vacuum packed so that it stays really dry. This is very important so that a full blooming can be guaranteed. The tea flower comes in individual a gift box which is made by hand from natural materials such as mulberry paper and produced exclusively for Teamania. The gift box is available in this form only at Teamania. It can be used as a gift or as a jewelry box after the tea flower was infused. The infusion has a pleasant aroma of osmanthus.

Harvest: 2019
Taste: Flowery aroma.
Origin: Yunnan province in China.
Preparation: Infusing temperature appx. 95°C for 3-5 minutes or until the tea flower fully blossom.
Tip: Pre heat your tea pot for optimal results.

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