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Premium Rice Fragrance Tea Santikhiri

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Nuo Mi Xiang green tea


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Rice tea is a specialty of Northern Thailand. The tea is in taste similar to Genmaicha but is produced fundamentally different. Genmaicha is made of steamed green tea which is enriched with roasted rice. Originally, this was done to stretch the expensive green tea. Nowadays, Genmaicha is a popular speciality in itself.
For this Rice Fragrance Tea where tea leaves of  Jin Xuan cultivar used. The tea leaves where grown in Doi Mae Salong and enriched with a wild-growing herb that resembles the taste of fresh rice. In Chinese it’s called Nuo Mi Xiang. The green tea itself is Chinese-style roasted and then rolled into beads like oolong tea. The tea can be infused several times and keeps the typical rice aroma till the end.

Harvest: 2019
Aroma: Aromatic with a slight tartness and rice like flavor. The taste is intensiv and longlasting
Terroir: Doi Mae Salong, Provinz Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand
Preparation: One Teelamass per tea pot (appx. 2g), temperatur 80°C,  time 1-2 min
Tip: Serve cake or biscuit to this wonderful tea.


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