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Risheehat Darjeeling First Flush

Risheehat Darjeeling First FlushRisheehat Darjeeling First Flush
This is tea 2018  from Spring Harvest of the Risheehat Tea Estate. This Darjeeling First Flush Tea is golden-yellow in color and has a fruity-aromatic aroma witha hint of floral notes. The tea is made from the first picked buds and tenderest leaves (First Flush). Due to the height of 1500m the harvest time is relatively late. However, the slow growth pays off because the tea leaves have more time to form and concentrate the flavors.

Harvest: April 2018
Taste: Sparkling with a hint of peach.
Oxidation: appx. 90%
Origin: Risheehat Tea Estate, Darjeeling.
Preparation: Per serving 5g, temperature 90°C, time 15s.

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