Seiji Chawan Azure

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Chawan with crackles

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A true rarity, this azure Seiji Chawan is a treasure not to be passed up. But it doesn’t just look stunning with its celadon cracks and color reminiscent of a soft night’s fade into gentle dawn or the languid rolling waves on the beach in summer, but it also makes for a resplendent contrast to the verdant green of the matcha once whisked. Compact and light, this chawan is exactly what you need to whisk a perfect bowl of matcha that is sure to innervate and lift you. This line of bowls are all handmade and so some sport various points and marks of differences. making them all the rarer.

Type: Seiji Chawan
Diameter: 11,5cm
Hight: 5,8cm
Weight: appx. 290g
Color: Azure



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