Sencha of the Wind


Zairai Sencha from May harvest

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Sencha of the Wind is grown by Obubu Tea Plantation on the south-west slope and harvested in late May. As with Kabuse Sencha, the tea bushes are shaded two weeks before harvest. This makes this Sencha sweeter but still keeps its freshness. Because of the short steaming time of approx. 20 seconds, this type of Sencha is also called Asamushi. Sencha with standard steaming is called Chumushi.

The Obubu Tea Plantation farm is located in the municipality of Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture, at an altitude of 500m above sea level. Kyoto is known as the cradle of Japanese tea art. Many well-known teas like Matcha and Gyokuro have their origin here.

Harvest time: May 2019
Taste: Sweet and fresh aroma paired with umami
Origin: Obubu Tea Plantation, Wazuka, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Variety: Zairai
Preparation: Approx. 3g per jug, water temperature 60 – 70°C, brewing time 1-2 min.
Tip: Take more tea leaves and pour them on briefly and several times. First infusion max. 60s and every further 30s because the leaves are already soaked. A Kyusu teapot is best suited.

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