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Seogwang Jeoncha Second Flush

Seogwang Jeoncha Second Flush
Seogwang Jeoncha Second FlushSeogwang Jeoncha Second Flush
Seogwang Jeoncha Second Flush is a refreshing Korean green tea. It's produced like Japanese Sencha and therefore sometimes also marketed as Sencha.
Jeoncha Second Flush tastes like Sencha or maybe like a very good Bancha. It is fresh with a slightly tartness but without astrigency. This particular flavor is achieved by application of Japanese tea arts: The tea leaves are steamed and then rolled to a needle shape. Therfore this tea doesn't get bitter even if steeped too long and is also suitable for beginners.
The tea garden of Seogwang Farm is located on the Korean island of Jeju. It's located in the triangle Korea - China - Japan and is of volcanic origin. Through the 1950m high volcano Halla, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, clouds accumulate and therefore it rains often and is foggy. Combined with mild temperatures and mineral rich soils, these are ideal conditions for the cultivation of high-quality tea. The tea farm Seogwang grows purely organic and is certified according to EU organic standards. Unfortunately, we ourselves are not yet certified and this tea may therefore not be advertised with the label "organic".

Harvest: April 2019
Taste: Aromatic and sweet aroma in conjunction with a intense umami taste.
Origin: Seagwang farm, Juje Island, Korea.
Preparation: Appx. 5g per serving, temperature 70 - 80°C,  time 1-2 min.
Tip: Use a Kyusu tea pot or this special green tea.

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