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Superior Fukamushi Sencha

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Superior Fukamushi Sencha from Ujitawa

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This special Fukamushi Sencha comes from the small village Ujitawara . Fukamushi Sencha is characterized by a significantly longer steaming time compared to standard Sencha (Chumushi). This makes the tea milder and the tea sweetness comes more to the fore.

In addition to the Yabukita tea variety, the Okumidori variety is also used for our Superior Fukamushi Sencha. It tastes much sweeter than Yabukita and is also used for Matcha and Gyokuro. The name Okumidori is an indication of the intense green color of the tea (Midori means green in Japanese). Together with the Yabukita, this creates a special tea that is both fresh and sweet in taste and shimmers deep green in the cup.

The village of Ujitawara is located in the Kyoto Prefecture near the tea city of Uji. Kyoto itself is known as the cradle of Japanese tea art. Many well-known teas such as Matcha and Gyokuro have their origin here.

Harvest time: April 2016
Flavor : Sweet and refreshing aroma with an unbelievable amount of umami.
Origin: Ujitawa, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.
Varieties: Yabukita and Okumidori
Preparation: approx. 3 g per jug, water temperature 60 – 70 ° C, brewing time max. 1 min.
Tip: Take more tea leaves and pour them on briefly and several times. First infusion max. 60s and every other 20s because the leaves are already soaked. A Kyusu teapot is best suited.

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