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Yiwu Gushu 2018

Gushu TeaYiwu Gushu 2018
Together with our friend, tea master Panda, we went to Jing Mai to find the ideal Gushu tea leaves. Thoes leaves have been processed in Yang Mings tiny tea factory to traditional 250g Bingcha.
For this bingcha tea leaves of up to 300 year old tea trees (gushu) from Yiwu were used and made into a bingcha. A certain similarity to the very-popular Lucky Bee can't be denied. In addition to the typical Yiwu aroma, there is a well known depth and clarity from the gushu leaves and a hint of camphor.

Harvest: Spring 2018
Pressed: 2018
Typ: Sheng
Taste: Mild and sweet with a typically gushu aftertaste.
Origin: Yiwu Shan, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Provinz in China.
Preparation: Appx. 5g per tea pot, temperatur 100°C. Rinse the tea leaves bevor infusing with boiling water.
Tip: This tea is ideal to mature a few years.

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