Zheng Dongding

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Vintage 2014 Zheng Dongding (genuine Dongding) winter harvest


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Zheng Dongding

Qingxin, which translates to “green heart,” is a tea cultivar with the most extensive history of cultivation in Taiwan. It holds a special place as the most favored choice among both tea farmers and enthusiasts, making it the most widely grown variety on the island. When discussing Wulong tea in Taiwan, it is typically referred to as “Qingxin-Wulong”. This cultivar serves as the foundation for crafting the traditional and authentic Dongding tea. In contemporary times, all Wulong teas processed in the Dongding style are designated as Dongding Wulong. Notably, teas from Mingjian are often more cost-effective to produce than genuine Dongding teas, yet they are commonly marketed as Dongding teas. Consequently, unless there is a specific mention of authentic Dongding or a specific place, most teas are, in fact, produced in the style of Dongding. It’s important to note that the name “Dongding” lacks geographic protection in Taiwan.

This authentic Dongding tea originates from an age-old wild tea garden situated in the Dongding Mountains. This particular Dongding tea hails from the winter harvest and is impeccably crafted. It features a relatively high degree of oxidation, evident from the orange infusion color in the cup and the pronounced reddish edges of the green leaves. The flavor distinctly embodies the delicate and sweet characteristics typical of winter harvest teas. It is unobtrusive yet simultaneously present. The body may be mild, but as you experience its aftertaste in your mouth, it gradually becomes more pronounced. Amidst the delicate sweetness, the floral notes of the tea progressively come to the forefront.

While this tea undergoes light roasting, it is relatively strongly oxidized compared to other Dongding teas. Defining the specific character of the cultivar and its growing region can be challenging, as traditionally processed teas from Dongding’s winter harvest are a rare find. Thanks to its traditional processing, it can be stored without complications while maintaining its aroma. Over time, the aroma undergoes transformations, developing a unique and captivating charm.

Notably, this winter tea inherently avoids developing bitterness, rendering it exceptionally digestible.

Harvest time: Winter 2014
Aroma: Delicate and sweet, with floral and fruity honey notes in the aftertaste
Oxidation: approx. 60%
Roasting: light
Terroir: Dongding, Lugu Xiang, Nantou, Taiwan
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Oolong tea in an optimal way.
Tip: The aroma in the mouth unfolds best when the tea is not drunk too hot, but waits until it has cooled down a little in the cup.
This tea is especially suitable for infusion in a large cup or a larger pot as it does not become bitter and is very productive. It does not need to be poured off, but lets the tea leaves sink to the bottom.

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