Zhenghe Style Bai Mudan


White peony tea from Zhenghe


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Bai Mudan, better known as White Peony tea is made like Baihao Yinzhen of the Da Bai cultivar. Bai Mudan, sometimes also spelled Pai Mu Tan, is popular due to the refreshing and light flavor. Other variants are Gong Mei and Shou Mei which is harvested later. However, they are sometimes despite the late harvest also sold as Bai Mudan.
Our Bai Mudan is from first harvest and of the highest quality category. Processed according to the famous Fuding style which allows only minimal oxidation.

Harvest: Spring 2016
Taste: Light, sweet and refreshing aroma
Herkunft: Fuding, Fujian Province in China
Preperation: Per serving appx.. 2g, temperature appx. 75°C, time: 2-4 minutes
Tip: Premium Bai Mudan is suitable for maturing. It’s quiet interesting to observe how the tea develops over the years.

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