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Dento Hon Gyokuro Saemidori

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Dento Hon Gyokuro from Yame


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This Yame Gyokuro is cultivated and processed according to the “Dento Hon” method. “Dento Hon” is a very unspoiled and natural way to make tea. The tea bushes are not trimmed into rows as usually but let naturally grow. Such tea fields are not very picturesque and it makes it impossible to do harvest by machines but but in return the reward is an extraordinary aroma. In addition, these tea bushes are at least 20 days prior to harvest shaded with straw mats. Does straw mats are called in Yame “Sumaki” while elsewhere they are called “Honzu”.

The used variety “Saemidori” is known for its special sweetness. Our producer from Hoshino has processed this particular variety into a Gyokuro of its own class. Mr. Takaki therefore calls this Gyokuro his masterpiece. He is absolutly right in our opinion!

Harvest: Spring 2020
Taste: very sweet aroma with a immense amount of umami
Origin: Hoshino, Prefecture Fukuoka, Japan
Varietal: Saemidori
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Japanese green tea in an optimal way.

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