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Honyama Aracha

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Shincha Aracha from Honyama


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Tea from Honyama (also known as Tamakawa) is considered by connoisseurs of Japanese teas as one of the top growing areas. In Honyama, where the Abe River springs, are ideal conditions for top quality tea. The nights are clear and cool and the morning misty. The narrow valleys also ensure natural shading of the tea fields. So it is not surprising that the tea leaves in this area are abot one month later ready for harvest compared to tea from the low-lying areas near Shizuoka city.

We are that much convinced of Mr. Sato’s teas that we introduced all of his teas in our assortment. In addition, at our request, Mr. Sato made hand-picked and rolled sencha. We were able to ergg 200g of it. This is the production of a whole day. For more hand processed tea there just isn’t enough time because Mr. Sato and his wife run the entire tea production by themselves and harvesters can’t be used in the steep slopes of Honyama mountains.

Mr. Sato produces only single-variety teas and does not make blends like big companies. Blends are not per se considered as bad in Japan and we also have various blends in our assortment but we think teas based on single cultivars are much more interesting. They allow to experience the differences of the individual cultivars. Blends, however, are in return more balanced.

This aracha is made from Yabukita tea leaves. Aracha is in fact just an unsorted sencha. That means all leaf parts are still present in the tea. To produce sencha, aracha is sorted by using different sieves and different sieving techniques. Aracha therefore contains stems and leaves of various sizes. The aroma is thus full-bodied. As a nice side effect, aracha leaves are longer than those of sencha because they partially break during the sorting process.

Harvest: May 2020
Taste: Sweet and refreshing aroma
Origin: Honyama, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan
Varietal: Yabukita
Steaming: Asamushi
Preparation: In this blog post you will find a description of how to brew Japanese green tea in an optimal way.

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