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Mulberry tea from Thailand


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Mulberry tea is made from the leaves of the white mulberry tree. The white mulberry tree (Latin: Morus Alba) is a deciduous tree and native to China.

The mulberry tree has white flowers and red berries. The fruit has a sweetish, but inconspicuous flavor. For mulberry tea, the first three leaves of the white mulberry tree are used. They are roasted shortly after harvest to prevent oxidation. The tea is slightly sweet with a nutty flavor. Mulberry tea is used in traditional Chinese medicine and is therefore highly valued in Asia.

Harvest: 2021
Taste: Sweet and nutty with a slight tartness.
Origin: Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand
Preparation: approx. 2g per tea pot, temperatur 95°C,  time 3-5 minutes
Tip: This tea is free of caffeine and can therefor be consumed in the evening too.

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