Oolong Black Pearls

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Oolong Black Pearls

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This Oolong originates from Doi Mae Salong. Oolong Black Pearls is a hand-picked and rolled Oolong # 12 which was nearly complete oxidized. Therefore, it’s rather a black tea. But, the flavor isn’t bitter like some black tea. It’s more floral and honey-like. Quite comparable with a Darjeeling black tea. The preparation is classic Oolong style: Rinse, first a short infusion, second infusion a bit longer, third infusion even longer, etc. Can also be infused cold as ice tea.

Harvest: 2019
Taste: Floral and honey-like
Oxidation: 80%
Origin: Family bussines in Doi Mae Salong, Provinz Chiang Rai, Nordthailand
Preparation: One Teelamass per tea pot (appx. 3g), temperatur 95°C,  time 1-2 minutes for the first infusion and additional 10s for each further infusion. Rinse the leaves gentle with hot water before use.
Tip: Use a small tea pot and make several infusions with the same leaves.


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