Rohini Emperor Choice White

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First picked Darjeeling white tea from the Rohini tea estate


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This is the first picked white tea of 2019 from the Rohini tea estate. The tea has a light yellow color and is very fragrant. The aroma is fruity with a slightly floral note. The tea is made from the first picked buds and most delicate leaves. At a cultivation height of up to 900m, the harvest date is usually very late. However, the specially bred AV2 cultivar allows nevertheless a very early harvest. In addition, this cultivar is characterized by a special fragrance that overtops the the aroma of traditional Colonal and China bushes.
Harvest: February 2019
Taste: Sparkling with a hint of peach
Oxidation: ca. 5%
Cultivar: AV2
Origin: Rohini Tea Estate, Darjeeling
Preparation: Per serving 5g, temperature 90°C, time 15s


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